At EML Electrical, we provide and implement a range of products to help optimise your energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and assist with meeting CRC targets for your business. Our team offers practical solutions that significantly help monitor, regulate and reduce your power usage, delivering impressive results and changes that your business will notice. Our energy monitoring equipment is non-invasive and effortless to install, allowing us to install fixed or portable products that best unit your requirements. There is ever-growing importance for companies to reduce their energy costs and lower CO2 emissions. However, when you run a busy production line or day to day operation, this can be hard to monitor. With our energy monitoring services, we can implement ways to manage your output of energy and reduce this without compromising productivity.

For our commercial clients, our energy monitoring services help you to reduce rising energy costs and lower your overall environmental footprints. Specialist energy monitoring solutions will allow you to get the most out of the energy used in the building so that you don’t use up excess energy which would incur extra costs for your company and the environment. We can install different equipment to monitor your output of energy, including using fixed metering solutions. We can gather information to see whether equipment or wiring is in full working order as well as monitor what products are using more energy than required.

This service solely focuses on reducing your energy and saving your business money, as well as reducing emissions that affect the environment and contribute to your overall CRC. We will take care of managing your energy output and reducing this where applicable. EML Electrical will work with you to create a sustainable, high performing business that consumes only as much energy as it needs to.

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