Electrical Contractor Cambridgeshire- Do you need one? Know the myths! Part 3

When looking for an Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire, there can be some myths banded around. In this article we begin to solve them for your peace of mind!

Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire - example of work
Looking for an Electrical Contractor In Cambridgeshire? Here’s what you should know!

In this part of addressing the myths of working with an Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire, we cover the most widely spoken topics in the industry.

It’s important not to have an apprentice working on your site because it costs more!

It’s definitely not.
Professional companies that may train an up and coming Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire.
When they do this on your site, they are actually bringing a seriously competent Electrical Contractor on site in the first place.
The time and effort to train the apprentice is already factored in at an annual budget level and not a project budget level.
In fact it could be argued that you are getting twice the care and attention as everything will be triple and quadruple checked!

The bigger the Electrical Contractor firm, the better.

Not necessarily.
In any business, a larger team brings challenges of leadership and quality control.
An Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire that is part of a large firm is no more or less likely to suffer these issues.
At EML our leadership structure is optimised according to the project.
We make sure each project has the correct blend of resources, expertise and leadership to deliver efficiently.

All jobs requiring an Electrical Contractor will take a long time to solve.

When employing a professional Electrical Contractor like EML, you are ensuring you have the expertise to solve problems quickly.
We don’t want to be on site any longer than necessary.
We want to be out of the way so your business can operate at its full capacity with work completed.

That’s it!

The 3 final myths for the third part of our myth busting series.

If there’s anything we can help with, you can call us, email us, or contact us through our website at any time.

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Electrical Contractor | working with one? – Here’s The Myths – Part 2

Are you in need of an Electrical Contractor in Peterborough to work for you?

Electrical Contractor Peterborough

Electrical Contractor Peterborough

In Part 1 of of this 3 part blog series…

We covered the first 3 myths of working with an Electrical Contractor in Peterborough:

  • They always try to increase quotes.
  • The end price is never the same as the quote.
  • Work is never completed on time!

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Now we want to move on to Part 2 and deal with some more of our famous myths!

Having an Electrical Contractor on site in Peterborough.

When we are out and about working away, the top 3 myths we hear about the ‘on-site experience’ are:


Myth 1 – They doesn’t show up on time!

The truth is, this is often down to communication and management of expectations.
The work of an Electrical Contractor doesn’t always take place on site.
A contractor could be at a suppliers in Peterborough, they could be at the depot preparing components, they could be doing a whole host of things.
Certain tasks are actually safer or more efficient when carried out away from site.
We overcome this situation by clearly communicating with you, the client.

Myth 2 – They can be moody or abrupt.

Ha ha, this is an easy one!
Usually this kind of feeling is experience when a contractor is on site and a client or other person puts themselves in danger.
Picture the scene, cables, slip, trip and fall hazards everywhere and someone walks into the environment with no protective equipment and has an accident.
The Electrical Contractor has to prevent the risk from happening or developing and quickly. So yes this can come across as abrupt, but we know that’s better than an injury or worse!
On the moody side, this is often confused with concentration! We’re only human, we might be calculating in our heads, running through a process, waiting for a sign or signal before we can proceed, etc.
So if someone has a question or wants to talk to us, that’s absolutely fine, we just may be concentrating on something else.
We avoid these situations by letting the client know how we operate, where our safe working zones are and so on.
We are proud to say we don’t get this feedback from our clients, and they don’t even need to bribe us with hot drinks either!!


Myth 3 – They don’t want to help with other tasks or help other trades!

We absolutely want to help with everything that we are able to!

Sometimes we are asked to go beyond the work we have agreed to carry out.
This is quite innocent in most cases, we don’t turn down reasonable requests and always help where we can.
Where us helping would delay the project, add additional expense or cannot be carried out for another reason, we will always explain this fairly.
When asked to help another trade, we will help where we can. Where we cannot help is when doing so would bring us liability outside of our professional ability or insurances.

We hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of our 3 part blog!
If you have any questions, or need us to help on any project, just give us a call!

EML, your approved Electrical Contractor in Peterborough.

Electrical Contractors in Cambridgeshire

Electrical Contractors in Peterborough- The Myths – Part 1

Working with an Electrical Contractor in Peterborough.

What is it like?

Are you in a position where you need Electrical Contractors in Peterborough?

Have you heard the myths?

  • They go looking for problems so they can charge more!
  • The quote is never the end price…
  • Work is never completed on time.

The truth is, these aren’t the only ones! There’s more!!

But for now we just wanted to dive into these three and share some truths.


Myth 1 – Electrical Contractors in Peterborough go looking for problems to increase the quote!

The truth is, as highly skilled professionals we will naturally see things that require work.
However, that doesn’t mean of course that all problems MUST be fixed. Safety is the priority, if something is dangerous or illegal, we have to tell you!

If you know one of your lights isn’t working, or you know the wiring in an uninhabited part of the building probably needs replacing, it’s your call.
We always offer our best advice and if we see that a problem will cost you more in the long run, we will let you know.


Myth 2 – Electrical Contractors in Peterborough never quote the end price!

That’s not actually entirely true…

Sometimes quotes are over and sometimes they under, other times they are spot on!
This is due to things that couldn’t have been anticipated happening. This can sometimes just be the nature of our work.
It could be another human factor, a safety issue or a requirement for more equipment or labour.

That said…

As professional and widely experienced Electrical Contractors in Peterborough, we anticipate most things.
That is why 97% of all our projects come in within or UNDER budget.


Myth 3 – Work is NEVER completed on time!

Again, unforeseen circumstances can have a part to play here.

If we stumble across a problem that will cost you, it’s probably better for us to take action at that point.
Not only for the stability of the project, but because it can also be good for your pocket as you don’t end up calling us back later!
Aside from the obvious time saving, your bills can suffer if equipment is not performing properly and as a result, you suffer too!.

Despite the number of outside influences that can delay a commercial project, we still see a 93% on-time rating.


The main point to take away from this is that when you work with the right Electrical Contractor, we will look after you, respect your budget, and deliver the project on time!


As a parting gift, for now, we wanted to share this joke a client sent us:

“Why did Mr Ohm marry Mrs. Ohm?”

“Because he couldn’t resistor!”

(courtesy of https://www.tradeskills4u.co.uk)


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